The company "PerfectLogistics" LLC to produce dried vegetables and fruits from agricultural crops grown in their fields using modern high-quality technology in the world. For washing and cleaning, a steam cleaning line of the Austrian company "Flourish" is used, then the mass goes to the primary processing workshop. After that, the mass enters the Paroblancher and then into the drying tunnel.

The finished dried products are fed to the sorter and sorted into 4 grades. To fully ensure the same size and lightness, the finished dried products are passed through a Meyer laser sorter. After laser sorting, dried vegetables and fruits are passed through a metal detector using the "Reject-lock" system, which ensures the removal of metal impurities (if any) in the product.

The Meyer laser sorter is equipped with 16 cameras that sort the finished product by color and size automatically without human intervention. Thanks to a laser detector on the production line, unwanted elements and low-quality products from the flow will be detected and sorted, which are removed, and the customer is provided with the highest quality product, exactly as he ordered.No factors affect the quality of the product during the sorting process, it maintains its environmental friendliness


The laser sorting machine provides high precision to our production, allowing us to obtain a high quality product at the output.

Suitable for sorting:

Dried fruits: apple, pear, persimmon, cherry, raisins, figs, prunes, dried apricots, etc.

Dried vegetables: leeks, paprika, dill, zucchini, carrots, beets, pumpkin, melon, etc.

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