LLC "PERFECT LOGISTICS" was established on January 23, 2017 in the Bagat district of the Khorezm region, the Republic of Uzbekistan. Taxpayer identification number 304558504.

The main goal of the company is to export fresh and dried packaged fruits, vegetables and fruits of Uzbekistan to foreign markets.

To achieve this goal, the company built and put into operation 2 hectares of greenhouses in 2018. Every year we collect 500 tons of tomato harvest from the greenhouse.
In 2019, the refrigeration complex of the Turkish company "Ko'rkmas Panel" with a volume of 1600 tons was built. This gave us a fourfold increase in exports in 2019 to $ 580,000. For information, the volume of exports in 2018 amounted to 163,300 US dollars.
In 2019, buildings were built for the installation of a line for deep processing of fresh fruit, vegetables and fruits, which are obtained by sizing and sorting vegetables and fruits for laying in refrigerators. Also, a line from the Turkish company "Go'ztepe" was purchased and put into operation. Which gave us a further increase in the volume of exported products, such as dried paprika, leeks, eggplant, pumpkin, red beet and apple, pear, quince, etc.
The volume of investments for the creation of this complex for: growing, receiving, sorting - sizing, processing - drying, storing and exporting packaged agricultural products amounted to more than 8 million US dollars.
In January 2020, our company became a "Cluster for Horticulture and Fruit Vegetables" with a volume of 1204 hectares of land, of which: 567.5 hectares of orchards, 166.2 hectares of vineyards, and 470 hectares of fruit vegetables. This allows our company to plan in advance the volume of products that we can get for the ripening season, and also, based on the order of the customers, we can sow the crop that our client requires. The planned volume of accepted products in 2020 will amount to 16,300 tons and export will reach 3.5 million US dollars.