Second audit on implementation of ISO: 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System

Second audit on implementation of ISO: 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management SystemP-2, Policy in the field of food safety of PERFECT LOGISTICS LLC, rev. No. 1 dated 04/14/2020 Politicsin the field of food safety LLC "PERFECT LOGISTICS"


PERFECT LOGISTICS Ltd. hereby declares its adherence to the mechanisms of control of all the existing dangers and risks for the manufactured food products in order to ensure the quality and safety of dried vegetables and fruits and guarantees that they are food products belonging to the HALOL category.

LLC "PERFECT LOGISTICS" guarantees that in the manufacture of HALOL products, no raw materials and auxiliary materials related to the harom or produced from harom are used: prohibited animals or their parts and organs, plants, etc., belonging to the category of harom, including number and produced with the use of GMO from products related to harom.

To this end, the top management and personnel of PERFECT LOGISTICS LLC undertake obligations to:


§ Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements for the production of dried fruits and vegetables;


§ compliance with the norms and requirements of Islam for HALOL products;


§ ensuring consumer satisfaction with the safety, quality and taste of the dried vegetables and fruits produced;


§ continuous improvement of the safety management system for the production of dried vegetables and fruits, in order to identify and control all dangers and risks, their complete elimination, and in case of impossibility - their maximum minimization.The management, through meetings, information stands and training, brings to all its employees information regarding - personal hygiene, sanitary and hygienic requirements for production processes, premises and equipment, requirements for quality and food safety, requirements for the production of HALOL products.


The management of PERFECT LOGISTICS LLC evaluates its employees according to such criteria as productivity, personal qualities, personal motivation, professionalism and makes every effort in its power to constantly increase these criteria for each of our employees.Safety, quality, taste and compliance with the HALOL requirement!


These are the characteristics of dried fruits and vegetables produced by PERFECT LOGISTICS LLC!


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